Sunday, 3 July 2016

WEEK 2: Packing for NCS

So I'm back from my first week of NCS, I'm going to do a blog post of the whole 4 weeks once finished, so I'm not going to get into it too much.The first week was very fun, but very challenging. It included loads of fun activities, decent food and lovely company.

For the second week, we stay at a local university, this post is going to include everything I have packed. There will just be an image of what I have taken, and below it I will mention what it is and, if I remember, where it is from.

Joni Jeans - Black 

3/4 khaki top
New Look (Generation)

Joni Jeans - Light Blue

Plain Light Grey Men's T-Shirt

Adidas T-Shirt

Joni Jeans - Dark Blue

Grey LCFC Top
Leicester City Fanstore
price unknown

Plain Dark Grey Men's T-Shirt

NCS T-Shirt
Given to us at week 1 of NCS for free

Black Leggings

Nike Zip Hoodie
Can't remember shop or price, but guessing JD


White Old Skool Vans
£40 (on sale) 
£52 (retail)

White High Top Converse

Grey Jumper

Zoella Make Up Bag


Penguin Travel Mug
New Look
£4 (was on sale near christmas, 2 years ago)


Make- Up 
I will link all items below




As well as all of this, I packed socks, underwear, Pj's, along with more basic things.

Thank you for reading this blog post and please leave a comment down below, especially if you're taking part in NCS or want to.
Thank you, Paige x

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