Saturday, 23 July 2016

My School Prom!

So last Thursday, 14th July, it was my school prom.
Overall, I had such a lovely evening and it was so nice to see everyone again!

At 3, I had a hair appointment, I knew I wanted it curly so I explained this to the hairdresser and she made a lovely job of my hair and it even lasted 3 days! I headed straight home after this and put some make up on and put my dress and shoes on. At 5, my boyfriend and his family came over for some photos of us both and then we headed over to our school.

To get there, we went on a coach from the school with some of my friends, the coach journey was around 25 minutes long and was extremely hot...! When we got there, we all had some pictures taken and spoke to everyone who we hadn't seen since we left our last exam. When everyone was there, we entered our actual venue of the prom and we all sat at our tables. In groups, we went up for professional photos, although, they were £11 each, so I didn't buy any. After all the photos, our food was served. For the starter, we had a very disgusting soup, which literally looked like sick, so I left that, then for the main, we had chicken, wrapped in bacon, and some mustard mash, which I also didn't like. Although, for desert, we all had a little box of chocolates, which were very nice! After the meal, award were given out from our 'most likely to' section of our year books. This was then followed by prom king and queen, which both were well deserved!

I took a few pictures on the night, which actually turned out very well! The scenery was very cute around us and it made really nice scenery for our photos during the night! I even got to bring back a massive letter 'P' balloon home with me!
Me and my boyfriend

My hair


Our chocolates

Me and my best friend

Me and my cousin 

Me and my two closest friends at school

Me and my boyfriend

Me and my best friend holding our balloons

  Please leave comments letting me know about your school prom, if you have had one this year! Thank you for reading, Paige xo

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