Sunday, 31 July 2016

My NCS Experience

I took part in NCS this summer, I gained a lot of experience from it and got to do loads of new and exciting things!


During week 1, we went camping, which was something that I had always wanted to do! During the whole week, we took part in activities such as: low ropes, high ropes, climbing walls, canoeing, raft building, expedition, artery, fire making, shelter making and loads of little games and activities to help us to get to know our team. We were in teams of about 15, you could make friend requests to have certain people in your group and I ended up with 4 people I knew in my group! The meals were actually really nice, although the toilets and showers weren't! The tents were in different camps, boys and girls, with about 6 people to a tent, in my tent, there were 5, 3 of which were friends from school. The couple of down sides to this week was it was very tiring and it did become challenging, having to constantly be doing something and very active, also, there wasn't much free time, we were always busy, which was sometimes okay, but every now and then, we needed a break!


Week 2 was probably my favourite, we stayed at a local university and we had our own rooms and a good shower! The activities we did were very fun, we had time to rest and sit down and we got to do loads of new things. This week was the week that we gained the most experience from! I got to go out of my comfort zone and try new things. Our group worked very good together, and together, we won a lot of tasks, one of which we all won a £10 voucher, for our local shopping centre! We got a bit more freedom and free time this week and I gained new skills which will really help throughout my entire life!

WEEK 3: 

During week 3, we had to plan for our charity's fundraising. This week was very stressful, it involved a lot of patience and planning. We had to make sure nothing was breaking the law, we had to make sure we had permits, we had to make sure that the plan and idea for that certain day was near for everyone, we had to make sure we had permission and enough resources... overall, it was extremely stressful.


Week 4 was also quite fun, the best part of this week was every day was different hours, so sometimes, we could start in the afternoon, some was for only a few hours, some were nearer than others, so overall, some days were clearly better than others. 

Monday :

On the Monday, we did a graffiti piece for our charity in the morning, this was mainly done by my boyfriend, but also people from our team did small amounts.In the afternoon, we went to a local OAP home and played bingo with them. Although we didn't raise any money this day, we did raise awareness and did general nice things for the public.


On Tuesday, we did a cake sale in a bank called Halifax, this was a very successful day and we raised about £240!


On Wednesday, we were just bucket collecting, we raised about £65.


On Thursday, we did another cake sale, this time at our train station, this raised about £300.


On Friday, we had a family fun day at a college on their field. We had many stalls, such as : henna, face paint, tombola, book sale, naan break stall, cake stall, drink stall, leg waxing, throwing wet sponges and we also had a team member in a bear costume! This was the most fun day we had that week and I'm not too sure how much we raising this day.

Overall, NCS was very fun and was very good for new skills and memories, although I found it very difficult at times and challenging, I would definitely read into it if you're interested! 

If you've taken part in NCS, want to or am in the future, leave any comments or/and questions down below! Also, please leave any blog post suggestions below also!

Thank you for reading! Paige x

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Saturday, 23 July 2016

My School Prom!

So last Thursday, 14th July, it was my school prom.
Overall, I had such a lovely evening and it was so nice to see everyone again!

At 3, I had a hair appointment, I knew I wanted it curly so I explained this to the hairdresser and she made a lovely job of my hair and it even lasted 3 days! I headed straight home after this and put some make up on and put my dress and shoes on. At 5, my boyfriend and his family came over for some photos of us both and then we headed over to our school.

To get there, we went on a coach from the school with some of my friends, the coach journey was around 25 minutes long and was extremely hot...! When we got there, we all had some pictures taken and spoke to everyone who we hadn't seen since we left our last exam. When everyone was there, we entered our actual venue of the prom and we all sat at our tables. In groups, we went up for professional photos, although, they were £11 each, so I didn't buy any. After all the photos, our food was served. For the starter, we had a very disgusting soup, which literally looked like sick, so I left that, then for the main, we had chicken, wrapped in bacon, and some mustard mash, which I also didn't like. Although, for desert, we all had a little box of chocolates, which were very nice! After the meal, award were given out from our 'most likely to' section of our year books. This was then followed by prom king and queen, which both were well deserved!

I took a few pictures on the night, which actually turned out very well! The scenery was very cute around us and it made really nice scenery for our photos during the night! I even got to bring back a massive letter 'P' balloon home with me!
Me and my boyfriend

My hair


Our chocolates

Me and my best friend

Me and my cousin 

Me and my two closest friends at school

Me and my boyfriend

Me and my best friend holding our balloons

  Please leave comments letting me know about your school prom, if you have had one this year! Thank you for reading, Paige xo

Sunday, 3 July 2016

WEEK 2: Packing for NCS

So I'm back from my first week of NCS, I'm going to do a blog post of the whole 4 weeks once finished, so I'm not going to get into it too much.The first week was very fun, but very challenging. It included loads of fun activities, decent food and lovely company.

For the second week, we stay at a local university, this post is going to include everything I have packed. There will just be an image of what I have taken, and below it I will mention what it is and, if I remember, where it is from.

Joni Jeans - Black 

3/4 khaki top
New Look (Generation)

Joni Jeans - Light Blue

Plain Light Grey Men's T-Shirt

Adidas T-Shirt

Joni Jeans - Dark Blue

Grey LCFC Top
Leicester City Fanstore
price unknown

Plain Dark Grey Men's T-Shirt

NCS T-Shirt
Given to us at week 1 of NCS for free

Black Leggings

Nike Zip Hoodie
Can't remember shop or price, but guessing JD


White Old Skool Vans
£40 (on sale) 
£52 (retail)

White High Top Converse

Grey Jumper

Zoella Make Up Bag


Penguin Travel Mug
New Look
£4 (was on sale near christmas, 2 years ago)


Make- Up 
I will link all items below




As well as all of this, I packed socks, underwear, Pj's, along with more basic things.

Thank you for reading this blog post and please leave a comment down below, especially if you're taking part in NCS or want to.
Thank you, Paige x