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Revision has to be one of the most boring things to do, especially if it's s subject you hate. I've decided to explain how I revise for the subjects I do, and hopefully it will give you all ideas.

For my GCSE's (which I'm currently in the middle of), I took, English, Maths, Triple Science, Geography, Art, Health and Social Care and French. I didn't get much choice when it came to my GCSE options, I had to take rather geography or history, which I both hated, I had to do french and the I only got to have pick, myself, Health and Social and Art (we had to do one design).

Before I get into each subject and ways of revising best, go out and buy some cute stationary, colour pens, coloring pencils (Crayola are my personal favourite). This makes revising a lot more fun and gives you more motivation to do it and enjoy it. Also, make sure you have some colored paper, a note book, plain paper or anything else where you can do mind maps, notes etc. finally, for preparation, I would go and buy, or make some flashcards to use if needed.

English Language (WJEC)
English Language is quite difficult to revise, you don't know what type of writing you will be asked to write and you wont have read the text you need to answer questions to. I go over the layouts of each type of texts and what to and not to include in the actual text. This way, when it comes to the exam, you will know what to structure it like. For reading, I learn how to format my questions and do past papers, most teachers will already go through some or give some out, if not, go online or ask a teacher. This way, you will have plenty of practice and feel confident.

English Literature (WJEC)
This, for me, has to be one of the hardest exam, I hate having to remember things, especially quotes and themes of books. I do mind maps for each character and theme, highlighting all the quotes in a colour, all the themes and all the links to context I can do. I also go over past papers to understand the extract question and the structure of them as well as the long answer question. If you have a friend or family member around, give them all your notes and ask them to ask you questions and say quotes and then answer them and tell them who says what, and this will allow you to remember who says what and more detail about the book. If you are studying a book which has a film, watch the film to know more details, but also make sure that the quotes and details are in the book, because some times the book doesn't contain every single thing the film will.

Maths (AQA)
I really enjoy revising for maths, its one of my favourite subjects. For me, going over past papers is the best thing to do, it helps me know what my weaker areas are and then I go over them with my teacher or I use my revision guide. For topics like circle theorems, I made flash cards with each theorem on to help me remember them.

Science (AQA)
In science, I chose triple, I chose this because I didn't know what I wanted to do in the future and biology was something I was considering.I struggle with triple a lot more than I thought so a little head up, if you're thinking of picking triple science, think carefully and ask your teacher if they think you will manage it. One thing I LOVE doing for science is mind maps, below are some pictures of biology mind maps I made. I find these helpful, I do each branch a different colour and the title of the topic along them or at the end of them. The use of different colors are proven to help you remember information. I also get post it notes and summerise pages of my revision book, this way everything is quick to read and it allows the main points to get into your head.

Geography (Edexcel)
I find that there is a lot of content for geography and it's hard to remember it all. I read my revision booklet and again, use post its to note down the key points. Any key words I see, I use revision cards with the key word and definition on. For case studies, I note down 6 points (for the 6 mark questions) and highlight the key words that will help me remember the points and the facts and figures, to get the extra marks. 
In the course I do at school, there are not written exams, it was all coursework and a practical exam. I'm unsure of my exam board so sorry for not noting it.

Health and Social Care  (Edexcel)
40% of my grade is exam based, I use flash cards again to learn key words. I also go over past papers as well as plan long answer questions and write them, to know how to format them and answer them.  I find this a quite nice and easy subject to revise for, as it is common sense and quite easy to catch on to. I use a folder to hold all my class books in as well as revision guides and a plastic folder with my flashcards in. 

French (AQA)
French is a subject I hate and didn't overally revise for when it came to the exam, I was on foundation so I didn't need to know loads and loads of french but in class we went over past papers, which I didn't find helpful personally, but some people found it helpful because, from this, they were able to find the words they didn't know or understand and then go off and learn them. For learning vocab, I would recommend the app 'memrise'.

Thank you for reading this blog post, if you have any questions, make sure to leave a comment.
Follow me for more blog posts, I won't be posting a large amount over the next few weeks due to have the rest of my exams, but for everyone doing exams, good luck!

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